Matchmaker4Business was established in 2021 keeping in mind business owners and those looking for a job. Business owners needs revolve around having a proper space to conduct business and having proper staffing. Those looking for a job create the workforce. We believe this Cohesion of Concepts is quite unique, bringing these two aspects of business together.

We realize that there are many types of professionals and space requirements. Therefore, built into our site is a robust search engine that allows you to search across several different categories for a variety of available spaces and jobs.

About Us


Matchmaker4Business was established in order to address a fundamental issue that exists within most if not all shared workplace environments. 


We realize there are many types of professions with a specific set of needs in their workspace. For example, a doctor needs a private and professional exam room in order to see their patients. At the same time, many independent professionals in specialized fields don’t want to carry the burden of being tied to a long-term lease. 


Whether you are a doctor, attorney, accountant, architect, or even a personal care boutique – whatever industry you’re in – our marketplace is a platform to connect you with the perfect flexible workspace arrangement. 

For property owners, you can earn another revenue stream by listing your excess office space on whatever flexible terms you like – hourly, daily, weekly, short-term, long-term. It’s up to you!

This is an opportunity for everyone to get the most out of their professional workspace



At Matchmaker4Business, we have designed an effective matchmaking database service for those interested in posting their skills and resume, and those posting work opportunities. These in turn will make the information available to search by the job-seekers and job-posters. 

Our unique and extensive database of available job types are categorized by their main field and specialty. This allows you to find a job or workforce in as broad or narrow a search as possible. Simply enter the job type you are in search of, then filter through different categories to find which best suits your needs.

Can’t find a job type or category? No problem! Here at MatchMaker4Business, you can add job types or specialties by simply letting us know? Using your Contact Us Page, send a message with the job type you are in search of, and we will review it and do our best to add it to our database!